Yael Stiles, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA27577)


Yael’s work is strengths-based: She helps her clients identify and galvanize their strengths, and the parts of their lives that DO work, to get the rest of their lives working better. She does both Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy, and long-term therapy for those who need it. It can be like going to the gym: we work together to practice new ways clients can relate to themselves and others in the safety of a warm, empathic, and trusting relationship. Session by session, her clients become increasingly confident and comfortable with their authentic selves and their struggles and their successes, developing a sense of themselves as the heroes of their own story.

These complex processes arise in the context of relaxed and conversational sessions where room is made for heart-to-heart talks, warm feedback, discovery, and humor. When appropriate, she uses structured exercises to teach skills to communicate better, relax and release tension and anxiety, and work through old hurts that are holding clients back.

She draws from her own experience as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and former dancer/actress/waitress/teacher. Before transitioning into private practice, she spent seven rich and rewarding years working in community mental health settings, where she provided therapy to clients with histories of trauma, neglect, abuse, and severe attachment injuries. Yael loves this work and has great affection and respect for the people she is privileged to serve.

Yael’s focus on understanding her client’s view of the world and dedication to guiding them to achieve their goals serves them well…”.   

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