Men’s Group.

Deep connections.

Our therapy and coaching groups meet in our Berkeley and Oakland offices, and are great ways to find friendly fellowship, and have the kinds of important conversations that are often missing from our lives.

Maybe the most exciting element is the way that groups act as laboratories, where each member has a chance to experiment with new ways of talking and listening, help others do the same, and make lasting changes in their lives.

What do we do, what do we talk about? Often group members are grappling with challenges in their relationships with partners or navigating a new relationship or a divorce, and we often work on conflicts that come up in the workplace. We work at identifying each member’s communication patterns, what works and what doesn’t, and we team up to change them in the way that the member wants to change them.

Groups are ongoing, meet weekly, and vary in size between about 6 to 8 members. New members just commit to a trial period of six weeks, so that you will have a chance to make sure this is the group for you. (Once they’ve gotten this experience of the group, people usually decide to stay.)

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