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A healthy relationship needs a solid foundation. You need to be willing to make some changes and become better together in order to improve the quality of your relationship and your life. Evaluate your own contribution. What are you doing that helps – or hurts – your relationship. What makes a good partner is a complete partner. Here are 8 simple things you can do to change your relationship for the better.


1- Love Yourself First


Some people will give until they have nothing left. You need to be aware of your own needs and take care of your own well-being. That way you will have enough energy to be a good partner.


You can get there from here.


2- Spend More Quality Time


You cannot possibly make it if you don’t make time for each other. Improve the quality of your time together. The world is fast-paced and busy. It’s up to you to set your priorities straight.


3- Touch Each Other Often


Most people are touch-starved. Hold hands, cuddle and walk arm-in-arm. Touch is powerful. These are just a few ways to share and promote your feelings of bonding and attachment.

relationship therapist

4- Be Quiet and Just Listen

Everyone wants to be heard. Create a safe space for your partner to vent. Often just feeling like they are being heard can make them feel better. In many ways it’s the ultimate way to show your support.

5- Know When to Ask Questions


People need space, but if something seems to be bothering your partner, you may need to open up the conversation. With some gentle prompting you can give them the opportunity to share.


6- Be Willing to Compromise


We all have our own beliefs and opinions. Chaos will ensue if we never consider other people’s feelings. Stop behaving difficult. A relationship cannot survive without some compromises.

relationship therapist

7- Disagree in a Loving Way


Don’t judge and reject your partner’s ideas and desires without consideration. You are going to have differences of opinion. Just make sure to express them with kindness.


8- Express Your Gratitude


Feeling grateful is not enough. Your partner needs to know that you love and appreciate them. There are many ways to show your gratitude, but actually saying it will reassure your partner.

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In order to be a supportive partner, focus on the day-to-day. A healthy relationship requires ongoing effort from both of you to address the needs of “me”, “you” and “us”. If you lay the groundwork in the good times, you’ll be in a strong position for when times get harder.

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