Online Therapy


We are facing an unprecedented challenge. The ongoing disruption and uncertainty, caused by COVID-19, may compel you to seek a therapist.


Unfortunately, social distancing guidelines mean that you can’t just go to a therapist’s office. This is why access to teletherapy is more important than ever.


In this post we provide information on how teletherapy works. We also offer some tips to help you make the most of your online counseling sessions.


Online Therapy


How It Works


If you are familiar with Skype or Facetime, you know the kind of technology our therapists, at The Bridge Therapy Center, use for our virtual sessions. It is safe. We are ethically and legally bound to the privacy protection law called HIPAA. We use a secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.


If you are undecided, or would like more information, we offer free consultations. Call (510) 497-4174 to talk to a therapist or schedule a session. Weekend and evening appointments are available. We accept credit cards.


Online Therapy


Some Tips


1- Know That It Will Be an Adjustment


It doesn’t matter if you’re used to going to your therapist’s office or this is your first time. It may feel awkward talking to a person on a screen from your private space. Over time you will get more comfortable.


2- Try to Find a Quiet Space


Remember that online therapy sessions are flexible. Schedule a time that works best for you and your circumstances. By minimizing noise and distractions, you are more likely to take steps toward mental well-being.



3- Prepare the System


Find out what video conferencing platform your therapist uses. Download and test the software before your session. Close programs that could slow down or interfere with the video quality.


4- Use the First Session to Focus on Goals


If you are already used to going to your therapist’s office, your first online session may be a good time to check in on your progress. If you are new, use the first session to establish what you want to accomplish.


5- Treat It Like a Face-to-Face Appointment


Make sure you are up, dressed and feeling fresh. Stick to your daily routine to help you bring some normality. Even if this is not your preferred method of communication, work with your therapist.



If there was ever a perfect time for online therapy, we’re living in it now. If you are noticing increases in your stress and anxiety, it may be a good time to get the support you need via our teletherapy option.

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This post was written by Lani Gouws on behalf of The Bridge Therapy Center. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Lani here: