Mental Detox


Spring is a season for new starts and renewal. If your life is not going the way you want it to be, it is most likely because you are not being careful about where your energy is going. You may often find yourself reacting to what is happening around you, instead of focusing on taking a proactive role. Doing a mental detox is about gaining clarity, staying resilient and reclaiming control. Just like a physical detox can help you flush out toxins, it’s also helpful to do this for your mind.


Here are some ideas for starting a mental cleanse when you are feeling off and worn out.


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1- Focus on the Things You Can Control


When you’re facing a situation where you can’t change certain things, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Any energy you spend on these things is a waste. Your power lies in what you can control.


2- Make a Plan Before You Start a Plan


Set realistic and attainable goals that take your day-to-day responsibilities into consideration. It is also good to begin identifying and reflecting on the actual causes of your stress so you can plan accordingly.


3- Make a “To-Worry-About” List


You may often ruminate because it’s a way to ensure that you don’t forget to deal with something important. Write down the things that bother you and review it. You will either find that your fears were unfounded, or you can plan to deal with it.


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4- Be More Mindful of Your Surroundings


Stop once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before bed to write down notes of the day’s events and how it made you feel. Be aware of outside influences and analyze the impact they have on your mental state.


5- Take a Technology Break


Even a brief time away from your devices can be refreshing. Start small by leaving your device indoors while you enjoy the outside. Then try leaving your tech tools switched off all day. Try to think of some tech-free activities.


6- Spend Time Outdoors


Time outside lowers stress levels, enhances your ability to concentrate and quiets your mind. Go for a walk, hit the park, lie in a hammock or start a garden. It’s spring. The sun is shining and the birds are singing.


7- Rethink Your Diet


You can’t properly feed your mind if you’re not properly feeding your body. Start incorporating colorful, wholesome options into your weekly routine. Even grabbing an apple instead of a breakfast bar will help you feel better.


say no


8- Say No


Don’t add anything new, that you don’t want to do to your calendar. Saying “No” may be difficult for you, but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep your mind clutter and stress in check.


9- Cut Out the Toxic People


Do you have someone who always makes you feel worse after being around them? There is no reason to keep a toxic person around if the relationship isn’t benefiting you or making you happy.


10- Take a Solo Trip


Have an incredible, memorable adventure by taking time for yourself. You’ll be able to fill up on everything that makes you happy without distractions or negative energy from others.


11- Don’t Dwell


Negative thinking is when you dwell on failure, disappointment and trouble. You don’t have to try and avoid negative thoughts altogether. It’s not possible, but it is possible to control the time you spend on it and the next thoughts you have.


focus on good


12- ”Wallow” in the Good


Find the people and the places that fill you up. Be intentional about engaging in activities and interacting with people who make you happy. Try your best to have these positive experiences as often as you can.


13- Commit to Protecting Your Mental Space


Make a serious commitment to being the most grounded, peaceful person you can be. Stop letting just anything distract you and keep your precious limited attention and energy.




Sometimes doing what is best for your mental health is not easy. It requires tough choices, honest reflection and being okay with being uncomfortable. It’s time to spring-clean your mind. Soon you will feel more settled. Let your favorite tips above become a habit and eventually you won’t even realize you’re doing them. 


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