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The new year can be a hopeful time for you and your partner. It brings a chance for reinvention and reinvigoration. Making resolutions together will mean that you will be far more likely to keep each other focused.

Here we share five resolutions that could make your relationship happier and healthier in the new year.

date night


1- Make date night a thing again

“Me” time can be very important, but sometimes you can forget about “we”. Commit to trying new things (new restaurants, new activities, new destinations, etc.), and doing so often. Begin the year by making a list of new experiences you can have together, and then stick to the plan. It takes a conscious effort to maintain the connection that brought you together. Focus on activities that bring you back to each other.


You can get there from here.


2- Connect and share more

Make time each day to reconnect. Use this time to check in with how you’re each feeling, touch and cuddle, share stories from the day, or do what you know works for you to slow down and connect. Put the phone away and be completely focused on your partner.

share more with your partner


3- Listen to each other

It’s easy to think that you are really listening. But, what is your partner really saying. It’s important to listen to the emotion behind the words. When you notice a change in tone or speed, something is going on. Make your partner feel heard.

listen to your partner


4- Be more sensual

Sex is vital for a healthy relationship. So if your sex life could use a boost, set a resolution to make time. Having this as one of your resolutions shows that you both understand the importance of physical intimacy and prioritizing it will make it more likely it will happen.


be more sensual


5- Address lingering disagreements

The issue can be as simple as household chores, related to finances or clashing parenting styles. Whatever those old issues are, they can have an impact on your relationship and contribute to the divide between you.

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These are concrete changes that you can make every day of the New Year to improve your life with your partner and build a secure, connected and authentic relationship that will last.



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