Often couples put the idea of getting help on the back burner. Often they wait until it’s too late. We’ve outlined some of the most common indicators that a couple could potentially benefit from seeing a professional.

1. Someone Has Mentioned Divorce

Even considering the possibility of divorce, means things are serious and you can no longer handle the situation alone. Couples therapy can help you understand what each of you needs to change if you hope to stay together.

You can get there from here.

2. You have the same arguments over and over

Does it feel like deja vu, every day? A couples therapist can help you identify which issues are perpetual and need to be managed rather than solved.

3. You’ve tried everything else

There may come a time in your relationship when you just want to give up, because you feel like you’ve thrown everything you possibly could at your problems. Don’t give up. You may just need to enlist professional help. To save a relationship, communication is key and this is where the couples therapist comes in. Don’t fear reaching out to an expert. It’s the first step back to where you used to be.

4. You’ve stopped being intimate

Intimacy is a good barometer for a relationship. No more sex, kissing or even holding hands? There is something behind the lack of physical closeness and couples counseling will help you uncover that.

5. You live like roommates

A couple doesn’t have to do every little thing as a pair, but the want and desire to spend time with each other is important. Counseling can help a couple grow back together and make them seem less like ships passing in the night.

If you are thinking about couples counseling, consider it a positive sign. The opposite approach would be to live in denial about what is happening in your relationship. Over the course of time, this can potentially lead to a collapse.


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