Conquering Your Fears


Your fears only exist within your mind. You would rather avoid them than face the beasts. It’s human nature to avoid the things we fear. But avoidance will make you a hostage to the monster.


The things in life that you’re afraid of and that make you feel vulnerable are often the most important to you. Your irrational fears hold you back and keep you from enjoying your life.


You have a choice. You can stay scared, or you can try to overcome your fears. Here are some manageable steps you can take starting now.


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1- Start When You’re Ready


Most of us are willing to tolerate a certain amount of fear before we do something about it. When you feel that you’re fed up with feeling afraid and it’s interfering with things you care about, that is probably a good time to start seeking relief.


2- Start With the Basics


Pay attention to what you can control. You decide what you put in your body, what type and frequency of exercise you do, and how much sleep you get. All of these things greatly affect your mental health. If you want to be able to overcome your fear, start with feeling healthy and balanced.


Conquering Your Fears


3- Allow Yourself To Sit With Your Fear for 2–3 Minutes at a Time


Breathe with it and tell yourself that it is okay. It may feel bad, but anxious feelings are like the ocean. The waves ebb and flow. Have a nurturing activity ready to do after this time period. Immerse yourself in something that you know is enjoyable to you.


4- Name the Fear


Sometimes simply stating what you’re scared of takes away its power over you and gives you the strength to deal with it. Say it out loud, write it down or focus your mind on it. When you ignore it, it grows. When you acknowledge it, it shrinks.


5- Make It Hard Not To Follow Through


Make overcoming the fear your only option. Spending a lot of money, for example,  on something that you want to learn or do is usually a good incentive to keep going at it. Build in things that will make it harder to give up.


positive attitude


6- Have a Positive Attitude


What would you do differently if failure was impossible? Would you try more things? Would you work harder at the things you are passionate about? People who are able to overcome their fears and succeed remain positive and keep trying.


7- Make It Systematic


Start with situations that scare you, but that are still manageable. Over time the harder situations become more approachable. The goal is to be able to deal with any situation that might arise without anxiety and without running away.


8- Visualize Positive Outcomes


Try not to think negatively. Visualize a positive future when you are thinking about your fear. It can help you change your perspective. Visualize the outcome you want and then take positive steps in that direction.


nature as therapist


9- Use Nature as Your Therapist


Natural beauty in parks, backyards or wherever something green grows can calm you. It can help you reduce your stress levels and improve your mood. Physical activity like walking or jogging can help you think more clearly.


10- Know It Takes Practice


Be gentle with yourself. You may have started the process, but there is more work to do. Congratulate yourself, and don’t push it. It takes time. When you fail, take a breath and know you can practice again when you feel ready.


11- Don’t Go It Alone


You may have to face a fear that is so big that you become overwhelmed. You may shut out distractions like friends and family to search for solutions within yourself. Step outside of yourself and accept that you can not do it without the people who have your back.



You are a human, not a machine. Your reactions will depend on many things and may not always be the same. Go easy on yourself when you experience these ups and downs and just keep practising.


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